Neil Gaiman- Travelling America - American Gods

Neil Gaiman- Travelling America - American Gods

Several modes of Transportation are used throughout the novel as Shadow travels across America.

Cars Edit

Cadillac trailer

Betty Edit

Throughout the first season, Mr. Wednesday's mode of transportation is Betty, a 1966 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham. The vertically stacked headlights that were not slanted forward a little bit were only available in 1965-1966, and the tail lights are different between those two model years. The Fleetwood's back windows have two pieces of glass, whereas the Sedan DeVille of the same year has only one, and the landau top was exclusive to the Brougham.

Chevy Nova Edit

Tessie Edit

When Shadow first arrives in Lakeside in Chapter Nine, he meets Hinzelmann who gives him a ride in his 1920s Wendt Phoenix roadster.

Winnebago Edit

In Chapter Twelve, Shadow and Wednesday use a Winnebago to travel from Wisconsin to South Dakota. They take a detour Backstage to get rid of the Spooks who are after them before meeting up with Whiskey Jack and John Chapman. Whiskey Jack trades his nephew's (Harry Bluejay) '81 Buick for their Winnebago and they return back to Lakeside after dropping John Chapman off in Sioux Falls.

VW bus Edit

In Chapter Fourteen, after Mr. Wednesday is assassinated by the New Gods, Czernobog and Mr. Nancy take Shadow to Minneapolis where they meet up with Alviss and change from the black town car they used to escape Lakeside to a 1970 VW bus.

Humvee Edit

Notes and trivia Edit

  • The 1966 Cadillac has an Illinois license plate of 382 8403 in a design and numbering scheme issued after 2001.