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"We're going to delete you. One click and you are overwritten."

–Technical Boy to Shadow

Technical Boy is one of the New Gods and is a personification of the Internet.

Background Edit

Significance in series Edit

The Bone Orchard Edit

As Shadow walks back from Laura's funeral, the street lights go out. He sees what looks like fireflies swarming over a box in a field off the side of the road. He investigates and the box opens and attaches itself to his face, transporting him into a virtual reality.

He is seated at one end of a long room with Technical Boy at the other end. Technical Boy's Children sit on either side of Shadow, prepared to hit him if he doesn't answer Technical Boy's questions. Technical Boy blows Os of synthetic toad-skin vape smoke continuously into Shadow's face as he grills him about Wednesday. When he discovers Shadow knows nothing, he tells his Children to kill Shadow, explaining that he can delete and overwrite Shadow.

Shadow is transported back to the side of the road where the Children beat him and then lynch him from a tree. The rope breaks and he falls to the ground as the Children are massacred in front of him.

Physical appearance Edit

  • In the novel, Technical Boy is described as a fat, young man in a long, black coat with acne on his cheek.
  • In the series, Technical Boy's look will be "more punk than god."[1]

Notes and trivia Edit

  • Technical Boy will be the most changed character from the novel to the series, as the Internet has evolved significantly since the novel was written in 2001.[2]

References Edit


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