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The best thing about Robbie was that he was somebody. He was a jerk sometimes, and he could be a joke, and he loved to have mirrors around when we made love so he could watch himself fucking me, but he was alive, puppy. He wanted things. He filled the space.

Laura to Shadow about Robbie, Chapter Twelve

Robbie Burton was Shadow's best friend. He owned the Muscle Farm and was holding a job for Shadow when he got out of prison. He died in a car accident with Shadow's wife, Laura, when she was giving him a goodbye blowjob before Shadow returned from prison.

Background Edit

Shadow met Laura through his best friend, Robbie Burton, who was dating Laura's best friend, Audrey.

Significance in narrative Edit

Chapter Two Edit

At the funeral parlor, Audrey Burton arrives and spits in Laura's face. She tells Shadow that Laura died with Audrey's "husband's cock in her mouth."

Shadow arrives at the cemetery for the burial and remains behind until he is the only one left. He tosses in the gold coin he received from Sweeney the night before and begins walking back into town. Audrey follows along beside him in her car as she tells him about Laura and Robbie's affair before taking off again.

Physical appearance Edit

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