Out With the Old - American Gods

Out With the Old - American Gods

The Old Gods are the gods of religion and culture that were brought over to America by the immigrants who worshiped them and passed them down through the generations.

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Ammet Edit

While Shadow is in the Underworld, Ibis takes Shadow to Anubis to be dissected and judged, leaving Shadow feeling painfully exposed as all of his sins are examined. Anubis asks for Shadow's heart and Bast passes it to Ibis. If Shadow's heart is too heavy, it will be fed to Ammet, the Eater of Souls. Anubis brings out a pair of golden scales and places a feather on one side and Shadow's heart on the other as Ammet lurks in the shadows, waiting. The scale balances out and Shadow is allowed to choose where to go next. Shadow asks for no heaven or hell but to simply rest and let it end. Mr. Jacquel opens a door to Nothing for Shadow, and he walks through joyously.

Bacchus Edit

Bacchus also known as Dionysus is the Greco-Roman God of wine, the vine, grape harvest, winemaking, intoxication, ritual madness, religious ecstasy, resurrection, fertility, festivals and the arts.

Baron Samedi Edit

Baron Samedi is a Haitian loa, an intermediary between Bondye and humanity.

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Brahma is one of the three Hindu triumvirate, the other two gods being Vishnu and Shiva. They are responsible for the creation, upkeep, and destruction of the world.

Ganesh Edit

While Shadow is hanging on the World Tree in Chapter Fifteen, he falls asleep sporadically and dreams of creatures like mammoths and spiders and a giant mouse who an elephant-headed man rides on. The elephant-headed man tells Shadow he should have invoked him before the start of his journey. He performs a coin trick with the mouse (which has shrunk by this point while seemingly remaining the same size) and passes the mouse from hand-to-hand-to-hand-to-hand before revealing the mouse has disappeared. Shadow sees the mouse's tail disappear up the elephant-headed man's trunk and is told to remember that it's in the trunk.

"Hey," he said. "Is there a god with an elephant's head?"
"Ganesh? He's a Hindu god. He removes obstacles, and makes journeys easier. Good cook, too."

Shadow to Mr. Nancy, Chapter Nineteen

Gwydion Edit

Gwydion is a Welsh magician, trickster, and hero. His name can be interpreted to mean "Born of Trees". In the book, he came over to American in the 7th century.

Isten of the Hungarians Edit

Ištanu is a Hittite and Hattic god of the sun and of judgment.

Isten is the Hungarian word for "god".

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Morrigan Edit

The Morrígan are three Irish warrior goddesses who are able to foretell the fate of battles. They arrive at Rock City for the battle between the Old and New Gods. Their arms are covered in blue tattoos, and they wear crow wings on their shoulders and a crow's foot dangling from their necks. The three Morrígna are comprised of Badb, Macha, and Nemain/Fea or Anand.

Nunyunnini Edit

Nunyunnini is the skull of a woolly mammoth worshiped by Siberian immigrants in a Coming to America story.

Sha Wujing Edit

Sha Wujing appears in Rock City for the battle between the gods. He is a tall man with a necklace of tiny skulls and carries a staff with a curved blade on the end.

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