Mr. Wood is an ancient god of trees and forest that aligned himself with the New Gods.


Mr. Wood was once an old god of trees and forest, very old even to Mr. Wednesday's standard. He saw industrialization's threatening his worship ("God-fearing Society") and chose to sacrifice his trees and forests, becoming 'something else'. At some point he joined the New Gods.

Significance in series Edit

Lemon Scented You Edit

Mr. Wood disguises himself in the police station as a chair before he opens his eye. He consumes the deceased police officers in the station by transforming into a tree-like form with branches that chase Shadow Moon and Mr. Wednesday around the police station and stabs Shadow in the side with one of his branches. It is implied that he also attacked and killed two police officers that apprehend Mad Sweeney.

A Murder of Gods Edit

Mr. Wood gives a parting gift to Shadow Moon by way of a splinter inside Shadow's wound. It grows inside him but Mr. Wednesday manages to take it out while also, at the same time telling Shadow the origin of Mr. Wood and his transformation into his current self.

Physical appearance Edit

Mr. Wood can disguise himself as a wooden object and can transform into a tree.

Notes and trivia Edit

  • Mr. Wood's series appearance has been expanded from his minor role as a member of the Spooks.
  • Based on Mr. Wednesday's tale of men and gods, trees were one of the first to fill men's idea of deities. This implied that Mr. Wood came to be from animistic beliefs, since it was one of the first form of worship.

References Edit

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