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Mr. Nancy is Anansi, one of the Old Gods, and a central character in American Gods. He is also the titular character of the spin-off novel Anansi Boys.

Background Edit

Mr. Nancy tells stories based on West African animism, including such characters as Tiger and Monkey. In these stories, Mr. Nancy plays tricks on the other animals, as he is a trickster god.

Significance in series Edit


Physical appearance Edit

Mr. Nancy is described as a small, elderly black man with "a hint of patois that might have been West Indian" in his voice and his eyes are described as the "color of mahogany." He has a pencil mustache and wears a lime-green fedora and lemon-yellow gloves with a checkered suit.

Significance in mythologyEdit

Anansi originated in Ashanti tales, in what is now Ghana, Africa. Anansi is both a man and a spider who is a successful trickster, going so far as to steal stories from the sky god. From this point on, he owns all the stories. He shows up as a character and god in folk tales of the West African diaspora, especially in the Caribbean and the Southern United States. His stories have become those associated with Brer Rabbit and Aunt Nancy.

References Edit

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