Mr. Ibis is one of the Old Gods, and a supporting character in American Gods. He runs Ibis and Jacquel Funeral Parlor with his partner, Mr. Jacquel. Mr. Ibis is also the author of some of the Coming to America stories told throughout the novel.

Significance in series Edit

Git Gone Edit

A black jackal and Mr. Ibis stand in the middle of the road, stopping Audrey's car. The jackal stands up into Anubis, telling Laura that he remembers her. Jacquel and Ibis take Laura to their funeral parlor. Ibis explains they have been in business for 200 years. They repair her with pins and threads and paint her skin. Jacquel asks if it was love that brought her back. She says it wasn't but it is now. Jacquel lets her know that when she is done, he will complete his task and deliver her into darkness.

Coming to America Edit

Mr. Ibis is the author of some of the Coming to America stories told throughout the series.

The Bone Orchard Edit

Mr. Ibis writes a story of Vikings coming to America long ago and bringing Odin with them.

The Secret of Spoons Edit

Mr. Ibis writes a story of a Dutch slave ship and the shackled people within its hold who pray to Anansi to save them.

Lemon Scented You Edit

Mr. Ibis narrates a story about the first immigrants who crossed over the land bridge from Siberia to North America.

A Murder of Gods Edit

Mr. Ibis writes about a coyote leading a group of people across the US-Mexico border.

Physical appearance Edit

Ibis is tall and thin with a small bird's head on a long neck with a long and high beak.

In his human form, he is described as "a cranelike man with gold-rimmed spectacles" and is "well over six feet in height, with a cranelike stoop".

Notes and trivia Edit

  • Significance in Mythology: Mr. Ibis is an incarnation of Thoth, the Ancient Egyptian God of writing, wisdom, and magic.

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