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Do you know who he is? Who he really is?

Mad Sweeney to Shadow about Wednesday, American Gods trailer

Mad Sweeney is a leprechaun.


Mad Sweeney is originally from Ireland and was guardian of a sacred rock there over three thousand years ago. He was brought to America by a girl from Bantry Bay and eventually lost his accent after living in America for so long.

Significance in seriesEdit

The Bone Orchard Edit

Physical appearance Edit

Mad Sweeney is described as having a short, red beard and mustache with "pale blue eyes." He is lanky and taller than Shadow, who has to look up at him.

Notes and trivia Edit

  • Mr. Ibis reveals that Mad Sweeney is the American version of Buile Shuibhne, a Medieval Irish ruler
    • Mad Sweeney started out as the guardian of a sacred rock in a small Irish glade over three thousand years ago. His madness gave him power.
  • Sean Harris had to exit the series for personal reasons, causing Mad Sweeney to be recast with Pablo Schreiber in the role.[1]

References Edit


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