Three years had passed. Yes. The Super-8 motel had gone, torn down: in its place was a Wendy's. There were more stoplights, unfamiliar storefronts. They drove downtown. Shadow asked Wednesday to slow as they drove past the Muscle Farm. CLOSED INDEFINITELY, said the hand-lettered sign on the door, DUE TO BEREAVEMENT.

Left on Main Street. Past a new tattoo parlor and the Armed Forces Recruitment Center, then the Burger King, and, familiar and unchanged, Olsen's Drug Store, then the yellow-brick facade of Wendell's Funeral Parlor. A neon sign in the fron window said 'House of Rest.' Blank tombstones stood unchristened and uncarved in the window beneath the sign.

Chapter Two

Eagle Point is where Shadow lived with his wife, Laura, prior to his 3-year imprisonment. Shadow returns to Eagle Point to attend his wife's funeral after she and his best friend, Robbie, both die in a car accident days before Shadow's release from prison.

Significance in narrative Edit

Chapter One Edit

Shadow Moon is near the end of his three-year prison sentence when he is released a few days early due to his wife's unexpected death. He heads to Eagle Point to attend her funeral but his plane is diverted to St. Louis due to a thunderstorm. He boards another flight and meets the mysterious Mr. Wednesday, who eerily knows all about Shadow and offers him a job. Shadow declines, leaving Mr. Wednesday on the plane, and rents a car to continue his journey.

Chapter Two Edit

After Shadow ultimately agrees to work for Mr. Wednesday, they head into Eagle Point. Mr. Wednesday drops Shadow off at Wendell's Funeral Parlor for Laura's viewing. At the funeral parlor, Audrey Burton arrives and spits in Laura's face. She tells Shadow that Laura died with Audrey's "husband's cock in her mouth."

Shadow arrives at the cemetery for the burial and remains behind until he is the only one left. He tosses in the gold coin he received from Sweeney the night before and begins walking back into town. Audrey follows along beside him in her car as she tells him about Laura and Robbie's affair before taking off again. Shadow trips and falls in the ditch right before he is captured and knocked out.

Shadow wakes up in the back of another limo, sitting across from a fat, young man. He quizzes Shadow about his work for Mr. Wednesday before telling Shadow to relay a message that Mr. Wednesday is forgotten and old while he is the future. He has "reprogrammed reality" and can "delete" Shadow any time. He takes Shadow to the Motel America and releases him.

Chapter Three Edit

Shadow checks in at the Motel America and meets back up with Mr. Wednesday, telling him how he was taken captive by a "fat kid in a limo." He delivers the fat kid's message that Mr. Wednesday is forgotten while the kid is riding in his limo. Mr. Wednesday shrugs it off and Shadow goes to his own room. He takes a bath, orders a pizza, and falls asleep watching Jerry Springer. He wakes up to go to the bathroom and returns to find Laura sitting on the edge of the bed.

Laura explains to him how she and Robbie started their affair after a drunken night thirteen months after Shadow was locked away and continued it on over the past two years. She was breaking it off with Robbie because Shadow was coming home and was giving Robbie one last blowjob when they got into the accident. She tells Shadow she's watching out for him and thanks him for her present: the gold coin from Mad Sweeney that Shadow dropped into her grave. She kisses him goodbye and tells him he will one day ask her to stay "before all this is over." She exits the motel, leaving a trail of mud behind her.

Shadow knocks on Mr. Wednesday's door, disturbing him with the blonde front desk clerk who checked him in. He tells Wednesday that he saw Laura and is willing to leave Eagle Point tomorrow. He returns to his room and cries himself to sleep.

Chapter Four Edit

Shadow and Mr. Wednesday eat breakfast the next morning at the Country Kitchen across the street from the Motel America where they spent the night. They discuss Laura briefly and then talk about the route their road-trip will take through Chicago, Wisconsin, and Michigan.

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