Deities, more generally referred to as Gods, are powerful anthropomorphic beings that have power over the surrounding environment. The gods are main characters (protagonists and antagonists) of both the American Gods TV series and the novel of the same name.

Deities and other mythical creatures have the ability to manifest magical feats. Their effectiveness and strength vary from gods to gods, depend on the amount of worship they receive.

They mostly appear in human form and come from different religions created by humans throughout history. The gods are recognized and known by two main groups: Old Gods and New Gods.

Old Gods Edit

The Old Gods are the gods of religion and culture that were brought over to America by the immigrants who worshiped them and passed them down through the generations.

Mr. Wednesday Edit

  • Magic: Mr. Wednesday is a powerful sorcerer. According to Norse Mythology, Odin hung himself from the World-Tree for nine days to obtain the secret of the runes, a sacrifice of himself to himself. This rewarded the god with incredible magical powers, which Mr. Wednesday describes as "the world opening to him". However, he states that "it's since closed," implying that his magical powers aren't nearly as great as they once were. Mr. Wednesday claims to be able to perform 18 Spells with various magical effects, though has so far only demonstrated a few of them.
  • Weather Manipulation: Mr. Wednesday summons winds for the Viking sailors to return home in "The Bone Orchard" and manipulates the rain in "The Secret of Spoons." Later in "Come to Jesus," he weaponizes it by calling down lightning to sacrifice the Children in the name of Easter. Wednesday's 9th spell allows him to "sing the wind to sleep and calm a storm for long enough to bring a ship to shore".
  • Healing: Mr. Wednesday's first spell allows him to "cure pain and sickness", while his second spell allows him to "heal with a touch". He demonstrates this ability in "A Murder of Gods", healing Shadow from Mr. Wood's wound and removing the tree-fragment from his body.
  • Cursing: Mr. Wednesday's third spell allows him to "turn aside the weapons of an enemy". He demonstrates this ability in an unusual way in "A Murder of Gods," cursing Vulcan's weapons and ruining an entire batch of ammunition.
  • Technopathy: While not nearly as potent as the Technical Boy's powers, Mr. Wednesday can influence technology. He demonstrates this in "The Secret of Spoons" when he magically turns on his car's radio.
  • Mind Manipulation: Mr. Wednesday's first spell allows him to "lift the grief from the heart of the grieving", while his sixteenth allows him to "turn the mind and heart of any woman", and his seventeenth allows him to make "no woman he wants ever want another". Throughout the story he appears to be the lover of several young women despite his old age, which implies that he's using these spells.
  • Materialization: Mr. Wednesday shares Mad Sweeney's power of materializing coins out of nothing
  • Telepathy: Mr. Wednesday appears to communicate with his wolves with nothing but a stare.
  • Telekinesis: Mr. Wednesday's fifth spell allows him to halt arrows mid-track and take no damage from them. In "A Murder of Gods", the bullets falling from the skies magically avoid both him and Vulcan, showing that they were somehow sending them away from them. In "Come to Jesus", he summons a storm, pulling faraway clouds towards his location at Easter's home.
  • Godly Sight: In mythology, Odin sacrificed his eye in exchange for knowledge from the Well of Mimir, and doing so rewarded him with godly sight and perception.
  • Animal Communication: Mr. Wednesday can communicate with his ravens, Huginn and Munnin, and perfectly understands their croaking. He can also command his wolves, Freki and Geri, as demonstrated in "Head Full of Snow."

Bilquis Edit

  • Feeding: As the goddess of love, Bilquis feeds on the love of her worshippers by consuming them with her vagina.
  • Love Manipulation: As the goddess of love, Bilquis can control and influence the emotions of humans. She can cause mortals to fall in love with her in order to feeds on them.
  • Blessing of Bliss: Bilquis can bestow her gift of eternal bliss and pleasure upon her worshippers.

Mr. Jacquel Edit

New Gods Edit

The New Gods are the gods of society, technology, and globalization.

Media Edit

Other Characters Edit

Several other characters who are not gods or mythical creatures also display powers of their own.

Shadow Moon Edit

  • Prophetic Dreams: Shadow has the ability to see future events in his sleep. He uses this ability in "The Bone Orchard" when he fell asleep in his cell and saw the noose that would later lynch him. He then went to sleep on the airplane and saw the Buffalo for the first time.
  • Premonition: Shadow has the ability to sense the elements and sense bad things happening before they do. This is first seen in "The Bone Orchard" when he told his cellmate, Low Key Lyesmith, that he smelled snow. Also that same day when he was talking to his wife, Laura Moon, he said he sensed a storm coming and that night it did. In "Lemon Scented You," he told Laura that during the last phone call they had when she was alive, he somehow knew she was going to die.
  • Weather Manipulation: Shadow is shown using this ability for the first time in "Head Full of Snow" when he created a snowstorm just by thinking about snow.
  • Mind's Eye: Shadow is shown to have this power in "A Murder of Gods" when he saw Laura in his mind and told Mr. Wednesday where and what she was doing. His eyes glow a golden color when using this ability.

Laura Moon Edit

The Buffalo Edit

  • Prophetic Dreams: The Buffalo visits Shadow in his dreams and communicates with him as seen in "The Bone Orchard" and "Come to Jesus"
  • Telepathy: The Buffalo is able to commune with Shadow in his dreams without moving his mouth.

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