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"Are you a god?" asked Shadow.
The buffalo-headed man shook his head. Shadow thought, for a moment, that the creature was amused.
"I am the land," he said.

Shadow and the Buffalo Man, Chapter Nineteen

Buffalo Man, also known as Buffalo Woman, has the head of a buffalo and represents a personification of the physical land.

Significance in narrative Edit

Shadow frequently encounters the Buffalo Man in his dreams. Shadow dreams that he is deep below the earth in a primordial cave, talking to the Buffalo across a campfire and can hear the Buffalo's words, but the Buffalo's mouth does not move when he speaks. In these dreams, he often gives Shadow advice or leaves him with a question to ponder, such as "What are gods?" Near the end of the story, Shadow comes across him and directly asks who he is. The Buffalo replies, "I am the land."

Samantha Black Crow has also encountered a female version of the Buffalo in her dreams.

Notes and trivia Edit

  • The American Bison is considered sacred to several Native American religions.
  • In the series, Ian McShane is the voice of the Buffalo Man.[1]

References Edit


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