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I am trying to get my dignity back here!

–Audrey Burton to Shadow, "The Bone Orchard"

Audrey Burton was married to Shadow's best friend Robbie.

Background Edit

Shadow met Laura through his best friend, Robbie Burton, who was dating Laura's best friend, Audrey.

Significance in series Edit

The Bone Orchard Edit

Shadow is late to Laura's funeral and finds a spot in a pew next to Audrey Burton, Robbie's wife and Laura's best friend. She begins mouthing off about Laura and Shadow tells her he's sorry about Robbie. She realizes that Shadow doesn't know that Laura died with Robbie's "cock in her mouth."

The funeral proceeds to the graveside where Shadow stays through until the grave is filled. He doesn't understand why Laura would cheat on him. Audrey stumbles over, doped up on Ativan and having just pissed on Robbie's grave. She pieced things together and figured out that Robbie and Laura were having an affair for a long time. She goes into detail about Robbie's dick being severed in the crash and what she told the coroner to do with it. She is angry that she won't ever get closure before she breaks down crying and offers him a hug. He hugs her back and she next offers him an "eye for an eye, a blowjob for a blowjob." He refuses and comforts and holds her as she cries.

Physical appearance Edit

Audrey is a small woman in her thirties with blonde hair.

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