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Open thread for Asian Gods
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I mean I am really excited for the tv series, but like the main sequence includes Buddha. However, I've searched all over the internet and no Chinese, Japanese or Korean Gods were included. I just wanted to ask you guys if you also want to see some Asian gods and if so, which gods?
In the book, the most prominent Asian god would probably be Mama-ji/Kali. There are a few other gods briefly mentioned by description (kitsune, Ganesh, Sha Wujing, Brahma). But yeah, I'd love to see more Asian gods.
In the comic con interview Neil Gaiman mentioned having prepared a section on the internment camps for Japanese during WWII. He didn't have space in the book to include it but there was a suggestion it could get added to the 2nd season.
As it is, US history has enough opportunity to bring in Asian gods. The lives of the Chinese railroad workers in the 19th century would also be an interesting subject for how gods came to the US.
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